Friday 5 November 2021

Daniel Smith

"The Australian conductor Daniel Smith, who already visited us with an entirely French program just prior to the pandemic in January 2020, revalidated what was already evidenced then - a devoted, energetic and disciplined baton. Accompanying Scheps [Chopin Piano Concerto No.2], he knew how to calibrate the abundant phrases intended for simple harmonic basis against those other more bombastic and tragic, which the work also transmits. But it was in the symphony Mathis der Maler, that Paul Hindemith composed as a prelude to his great opera inspired by the life of the 16th-century painter Matthias Grünewald, where Smith took the opportunity to show off his character. If he began luminous and serene in the Concert of Angels, assuming its playful character and contrapuntal development with enormous naturalness and excessive care for details, in the Entombment, he highlighted its mystical character, almost like a lament, with an extraordinarily grave output from the entire string complement, which was admired so much in this symphony. And, in the Temptation of Saint Anthony he was to the fullest, right inside its fascinating contrasts between the demonic fury and the subtle, relaxed passages, which Smith handled with remarkable ease and dramatic sense, all the way until reaching the final Alleluia with effulgent brass."
Monday 18 October 2021

Javier Comesaña Barrera

We are delighted to welcome among our artists the talented young Spanish violinist Javier Comesaña Barrera: born in Seville (1999), Javier is a student of Marco Rizzi at the Reina Sofia School of Music in Madrid. Over the years, he has performed in many concerts and music festivals, including the Lucca Classical Music Festival, Ticino Musica and the Spivakov Festival in Moscow (2010).In 2019 and 2021, he was named The Most Outstanding Student of the Year by Queen Sofia of Spain.
In May 2021, he won 1st prize at the Jascha Heifetz International Competition, held in Vilnius, Lithuania, and recently qualified for the Joachim Competition in Hanover, receiving numerous prizes, most notably from the Behrens Foundation the use for three years of a splendid Giovan Battista Guadagnini from 1765.

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Stanislav Kochanovsky

Dresdens Philharmoniker und Stanislav Kochanovsky am Pult stemmen Mahlers Fünfte.
„Der 39-jährige Russe, inzwischen unterwegs in der obersten Liga der Orchester der Welt, kehrte ans Pult der Philharmonie zurück, um mit ihr diesen Mahler zu stemmen. Um für Überwältigung nicht erst im Finale zu sorgen und um klarzumachen: Diese schonungslos harte Sinfonie bleibt in ihren Widersprüchen aktuell.
Die Solofanfare zu Beginn hatte etwas Suchendes, fast Gebrochenes. Innerlich zog ein schleppender Trauerzug vorüber, dem kein Aufbäumen anzumerken war und dessen Klageton sich im „mit größter Vehemenz“ zu spielenden zweiten Satz fortsetzte.
Über das zentrale Scherzo sagte Mahler: „Die scheinbare Wirrnis muss, wie bei einem gotischen Dome, sich in höchste Ordnung und Harmonie auflösen.“ Die Philharmoniker kosteten diese Wandlung aus, kultivierten sie glänzend.
Das Adagietto, der Mahler-Hit schlechthin, ließ Kochanovsky mit erhabenem Ausdruck musizieren. Dieser strapazierte Satz wirkte zunächst äußerlich, mehr gespielt als gefühlt. Bezwingend intensiv gelang erst das Decrescendo, das zum Schlusssatz führt. Das Finale wühlte tief auf, indem es das dynamische Getriebensein dieser Welt spiegelte. Folgerichtig und völlig zu Recht applaudierte das Publikum am Samstag stürmisch.“ Von Karsten Blüthgen – Sächsische Zeitung

Monday 26 July 2021

Andrea Lucchesini and Enrico Dindo

RESIA is very proud to announce that in recent weeks two of its artists have been appointed Artistic Directors of two prestigious concert societies:

Enrico Dindo has been appointed Artistic Director of the Accademia Filarmonica Romana starting in January 2022.

Andrea Lucchesini will start with the 2022/2023 season his new rule as Artistic Director of the Amici della Musica in Florence.

We warmly wish them GOOD WORK.

Monday 7 June 2021

Stanislav Kochanovsky

On May 26 and 27, Stanislav Kochanovsky made two sensational concerts with the Orchestre de Paris:

"Le Shéhérazade de ce soir est une véritable escapade vers un univers chamarré qui s’ouvre à l’imagination, l’univers de « l’Orient et de ses contes merveilleux », comme le précise le compositeur qui tient à évoquer plus qu’à suivre un programme. Kochanovsky sait mettre en valeur le pur joyau d’orchestration que représente cette oeuvre. La priorité est donnée à la prodigalité du chant, à la largesse de la ligne mélodique, au cantabile, à la richesse de couleurs et à la fluidité du discours, et il le fait magnifiquement. Une telle générosité fait beaucoup de bien à entendre!" wrote Bachtrack

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Jaume Santonja

Successful debut for Jaume Santonja on the podium of the Real Filharmonia de Galicia:
“It was the first time I had been able to see Santonja in his conducting role, and I immediately understood the keys of his rising success. He is a conductor of very precise and transparent gestures, never falling into fussiness or outbursts, but at the same time always attentive and active. And beyond technique, I would highlight a born musicality, which was reflected in the recreation of such complicated scores….”
Full review from Bachtrack here
Thursday 13 May 2021

Jaume Santonja

Great success for Jaume Santonja at his debut with the Orquesta y Coro Nacionales de España: "Jaume Santonja is one of those maestros that musicians like, precise, unambiguous, discreet, aware of everything and everyone, with very energetic movements, agile, direct, with a drawing of melodic lines and counterpoints bordering on virtuosity, a great professional without a doubt...the Orchestra performed to its best...." wrote P. Toribio on Ritmo