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Stanislav Kochanovsky

7 June 2021 -

On May 26 and 27, Stanislav Kochanovsky made two sensational concerts with the Orchestre de Paris:

"Le Shéhérazade de ce soir est une véritable escapade vers un univers chamarré qui s’ouvre à l’imagination, l’univers de « l’Orient et de ses contes merveilleux », comme le précise le compositeur qui tient à évoquer plus qu’à suivre un programme. Kochanovsky sait mettre en valeur le pur joyau d’orchestration que représente cette oeuvre. La priorité est donnée à la prodigalité du chant, à la largesse de la ligne mélodique, au cantabile, à la richesse de couleurs et à la fluidité du discours, et il le fait magnifiquement. Une telle générosité fait beaucoup de bien à entendre!" wrote Bachtrack

Jaume Santonja

25 May 2021 -
Successful debut for Jaume Santonja on the podium of the Real Filharmonia de Galicia:
“It was the first time I had been able to see Santonja in his conducting role, and I immediately understood the keys of his rising success. He is a conductor of very precise and transparent gestures, never falling into fussiness or outbursts, but at the same time always attentive and active. And beyond technique, I would highlight a born musicality, which was reflected in the recreation of such complicated scores….”
Full review from Bachtrack here

Jaume Santonja

13 May 2021 -

Great success for Jaume Santonja at his debut with the Orquesta y Coro Nacionales de España: "Jaume Santonja is one of those maestros that musicians like, precise, unambiguous, discreet, aware of everything and everyone, with very energetic movements, agile, direct, with a drawing of melodic lines and counterpoints bordering on virtuosity, a great professional without a doubt...the Orchestra performed to its best...." wrote P. Toribio on Ritmo

ANDREA LUCCHESINI 3rd Schubert CD review

28 April 2021 -

Beautiful reviews by American Record Guidxe:

"This is the final volume of these fantastic sonatas. They are also magnificentlyplayed by this Italian pianist, who has given us a threedisc series that grows instature with repeated hearings.It was a bold move on Schubert’s part to follow the long, concentrated, and deeplymoving ‘Molto Moderato E Cantabile’ opening movement of Sonata D 894 with an‘Andante’ slow movement. That it works is testament to the intensity of Schubert’screativity. Lucchesini is a master of every gesture and produces a beguilingly crystalline tone without forcing his sound. The final two movements hold one’sattention with their natural flow of dynamics.The same can be said for D 958. I was forced to listen again to the other CD of thisseries in my collection, and I decided that purchasing the remaining disc would be amust. The Steinway D sounds terrific, and it remains difficult to accept that thislife-affirming music has only emerged from the shadows during my lifetime"   BECKER


Tito Ceccherini

Tito Ceccherini