1. HOY Diario Extremadura - 2. Beckmesser

Thu 2 May 2019

Jaume Santonja

1. Jaume Santonja was specially brilliant during his performance in front of the Orchestra of Extremadura. He conducted with a flawless manner and brought the orchestra though paths of good taste and moderation.[…] 

[...] Santonja confirmed his category as a conductor with Baber's "Symphony 1 for orchestra, Opus 9". After being two years assistant conductor of the Orchestra of Extremadura, he conducted with the skilled manner and closeness of someone who conducts in his own orchestra, but at the same time, with a Swiss precision and a great exactitude for the dynamics [...]

[...] Santonja maintained the lyricism of the whole piece, developing sensational musical perspectives and textures. In conclusion, the evening musical event was really enjoyable. 


2. Jaume Santonja is one of the most international young talent of Spanish musical scene. He conducts with ease, naturalness, efficiency and knowledge.

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