26 Jan 2019

great success of Andrea Lucchesini that with Carlo Boccadoro told us about his new album dedicated to the couples Scarlatti/Berio and Schubert/Widmann

MILAN: MAMU Magazzino Musica - 26 January 2019 at 17.30

Andrea Lucchesini talks with Carlo Boccadoros about the release of the new album with which he completes a project created with Luciano Berio.

Recorded at the end of September last year on the Audite label, Andrea Lucchesini's new CD contrasts different musical eras in a dialogue that reveals unexpected affinities. In the first part of the programme, Lucchesini relates two historically very different Italian composers: Domenico Scarlatti with six Sonatas for keyboard and Luciano Berio with his Six Encores, fulfilling a project developed by Berio and by Lucchesini himself shortly before the composer's death, to whom Lucchesini was linked by a professional and friendly relationship.