9 Jun 2019


Sunday 9 June  ANDREA LUCCHESIN at Dresden Musikfestpielen
20:00  Schloss Albrechtsberg
»Es ist ein Dialog und zugleich ein Kontrast, ein Hörerlebnis, in dem das Wechselspiel zwischen dem visionären Scarlatti des18. Jahrhunderts und Berios >Mikrokosmos< am Klavier zu unvorhersehbaren Ergebnissen führen kann« – so Andrea Lucchesini über das Aufeinandertreffen des Revolutionären mit dem Introvertierten. Der Ausnahmepianist arbeitet mit den bedeutendsten Dirigenten der Gegenwart zusammen und ist für seine Aufnahmen mit Werken Beethovens, Chopins und Berios berühmt. Besonders die Zusammenarbeit mit Letztgenanntem bis zum Ende von dessen Leben hin prägte den Künstler, der das letzte Werk des 2003 Verstorbenen auch uraufführte. Der musikalische Wettstreit zwischen Scarlatti und Berio bildet den ersten Programmteil. Danach wird Lucchesini eines der letzten Werke Schuberts interpretieren: die Sonate Nr. 20 A-Dur D 959.

10 May 2019

Schubert: late piano works new album by Andrea Lucchesini

Recent great love": Andrea Lucchesini has called Franz Schubert’s late piano works his "recent great love". Now he acts out this love in three Albums for audite – masterful performances by the renowned Italian pianist whose interpretations are informed by his expertise in Beethoven as well as musical modernism.

Schubert: Late Piano Works, Vol. 1 | Andrea Lucchesini
pre-order and -streams:

11 Mar 2019

Dialogues of Andrea Lucchesini Disque du jour pour Artalinna

New beautiful review of the album Dialogues by Andrea Lucchesini, considered the record of the day for the French magazine Artalinna:

"...Quel pianiste !...Impossible de ne pas céder devant cette correspondance qui célèbre de flagrantes affinités électives, impossible surtout de ne pas s’apercevoir qu’on tient là une des plus belles versions des Moments musicaux. Qui les faisait si lyriques, si intenses ?"


26 Jan 2019

great success of Andrea Lucchesini that with Carlo Boccadoro told us about his new album dedicated to the couples Scarlatti/Berio and Schubert/Widmann

MILAN: MAMU Magazzino Musica - 26 January 2019 at 17.30

Andrea Lucchesini talks with Carlo Boccadoros about the release of the new album with which he completes a project created with Luciano Berio.

Recorded at the end of September last year on the Audite label, Andrea Lucchesini's new CD contrasts different musical eras in a dialogue that reveals unexpected affinities. In the first part of the programme, Lucchesini relates two historically very different Italian composers: Domenico Scarlatti with six Sonatas for keyboard and Luciano Berio with his Six Encores, fulfilling a project developed by Berio and by Lucchesini himself shortly before the composer's death, to whom Lucchesini was linked by a professional and friendly relationship.

10 Sep 2018

new CD release of Andrea Lucchesini

DIALOGUES | Andrea Lucchesini, Piano

Scarlatti and Berio, Schubert and Widmann: A dialogue between classical and modern.
to be released on September 7th. PreOrder and trailer available on

Berio’s references to Scarlatti and Widmann’s homage to Schubert are contrasted with original compositions of the two earlier composers, weaving both original and reference into a new whole. This juxtaposition brings to light innovations and divergences as well as a continuation of and indebtedness to the past – fertile terrain for exciting discoveries!

6 Feb 2018

Recital of Andrea Lucchesini at LAC Lugano with a special italian program

A bridge between the great classical music of the past and the art of the present: this is the goal of the composer Fabio Vacchi, who wrote a Sonata for pianist Andrea Lucchesini. In the récital, Lucchesini will propose this new composition, making it dialogue with Bach, Clementi and Scarlatti.

Vacchi Sonata nr. 1 prima mondiale
Clementi Didone abbandonata op. 50 nr.3
Scarlatti 2 Sonate
Vacchi post a Scarlatti nr. 1
Scarlatti 2 Sonate
Vacchi post a Scarlatti nr. 2
Scarlatti 2 Sonate
Vacchi post a Scarlatti nr. 3
Bach Busoni Ciaccona

Tuesday 6 February at 20:30, Sala Teatro, LAC, Lugano

https:/more info

11 Apr 2017

Andrea Lucchesini and Fabio Luisi with Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

AMADEUS April 2017 :Beethoven Choral Fantasyperformed by Andrea Lucchesini, with the Orchestra del  Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, conducted by Fabio Luisi

"Lucchesini takes out a full, sumptuous, velvet-lined sound, and a distinctive cameristic sensibility to dialogue with orchestra and voices. Even when his part is in the background, he does not stop picking up expressive ideas and suggest to those around him."

La Repubblica leggi

17 Mar 2017

Andrea Lucchesini and Schubert

The last three piano sonatas by Schubert, written simultaneously in his last summer  form the most impressive trilogy of music history, even more shocking than Beethoven for emotional and temporal concentration density.

Andrea Lucchesini,ideal interpreter of Schubert by nature and affinity, has decided to take on this venture with a particular formula, that of the story, thanks to 'intervention of the journalist and writer Sandro Cappelletto,

Milan, Società del Quartetto on March 14
Rome Accademia Filarmonica, March 16
L'Aquila, Aquilana Concert Society, March 26
Sassari, Teatro Verdi, March 31

27 Feb 2017

Andrea Lucchesini and Fabio Luisi in Firenze

"Lucchesini vi sfodera un suono pieno, sontuoso, rivestito di velluto, e una spiccata sensibilità cameristica al dialogo con orchestra e voci. Perfino quando, di rado, la sua parte sta in secondo piano, lui non smette di raccogliere spunti espressivi e suggerirne a chi gli sta attorno."


25 Feb 2017

Andrea Lucchesini and Fabio Luisi in Firenze

Saturday, February 25 Andrea Lucchesini will play at the Teatro Comunale in Flrence conducted by Fabio Luisi, in his first engagement as principal conductor

In the program of Beethoven's Choral Fantasy