Répertoire magazine

Fri 15 Feb 2008

9 de Répertoire - CD La voce nel violino

A lot of 17th century's violin recitals were inspired by the voice – or vocality – as a recognizable model, but just few of them have approached the goal like this one. Enrico Onofri doesn't stop to show us his affinity for this repertoire (...). He displays a wide range of charms and artifices, which sometime move us to forget the instrumental nature of his instrument; glissandos (port de voix and chute), suspires, harmonics trills, vibrato or tremolato, an incredible variety of colors (what an effect the airy sound in Mentre vaga angioletta!), sensual bowing, fast left hand, everything blended by the elasticity of a gymnast (...) To enhance his vocal aim, Enrico Onofri has an excellent idea, adapting some masterpiece: Armato il cor and Mentre vaga angioletta by the "divino Claudio", a canzonetta by Frescobaldi (Se l'aura spira, played by violin and harp, exquisitely delicate) and Ancor che col partire by Rognoni, where we never listened a diminution being so close to the voice. A contrast, very skillfully conceived, between madrigals where the voice becomes an instrument, and sonatas where the instrument becomes a voice (...)
Here's, in a few words, a recording that I warmly recommend (...)

Serge Gregory