Il Sole 24 Ore

Sun 18 Apr 2021

Ipnotico Vivaldi secondo Enrico Onofri

A hypnotic Vivaldi, this collection of particular concertos for string orchestra, extended in a triumph of imagination and invention even in the titles, from Il trionfo delle Muse to the concerto Madrigalesco and Alla Rustica. The Academia Montis Regalis led by its new musical director Enrico Onofri (with the wind in his sails, currently principal baton of the Filarmonica Toscanini in Parma and associate conductor of the Auvergne National Orchestra) shows brilliant sound and taste, emphasising the many facets of the Red Priest’s experiments and making each page sounding compact, meaning “full", but especially particular. 

The bizarre cover of the CD, by Passacaille label, deserves to be awarded.