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Mon 7 Mar 2016

Sergeij Krylov & Daniel Smith for the Symphonic Series

An amazing concert, which will remain forever in our hearts [Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova, Italy]. Huge success. Sharp focus and satisfaction, complicit with a musical score of grand fascination (Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé) and a united and responsive orchestra, driven by the exuberant Daniel Smith. The young Australian conductor oozes enthusiasm and energy, with decisive but never excessive gestural expressiveness, encouraging the soloists of each section and a careful treatment of the dynamic line, obtaining successful and effective contrasts. What emerged was a diversified fresco, of superior tonal effect which was sustained throughout the complex rhythmic variations, seductive in sonority and the chorus without words adding a stroke of evocative charm on top: well-integrated, lucid, elegant yet powerful, Smith completed this symphonic painting with good balance, at first, light and sensual, then relaxed and peaceful, then even more explosive, volatile and unleashed, the perfect image of love thwarted by the two Arcadian shepherds. The ‘artistic masses’ of the Genovese theatre also affirmed the performance as optimal, particularly close-knit and driven with a unique character and manner. The effervescence also overflowed at the conclusion of the performance, with the involvement of every musician and chorus member in their enthusiasm for Smith, who then made his way between the stands on the stage embracing, shaking hands and returning to the stage for a multitude of curtain calls, earnestly and heartily thanking the artists and spectators alike. An audience in an agreeably vibrant standing ovation. Opera Click

Barbara Catellani