Thu 20 Feb 2014

“Smith makes Orchester Haydn fly”

The Australian conductor is enthralling! The last concert of Orchestra Haydn joined together the two last symphonies of Haydn and Mozart who closed the first phase of Viennese classicism, a symphonic heritage to whom Beethoven would give a further and definitive ‘flap of the wings’ rendering it a universal art form. Symphony No.104 of Haydn begins with a powerful explosion, a primordial big bang which gradually, from the darkness and from the initial chaos, takes shape with the formal clarity of the initial Allegro. The final movement of Mozart’s “Jupiter” should instead be protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Australian conductor Daniel Smith gave proof that he understood all of this, conducting the two symphonic masterpieces by memory in an evidently mature performance, assimilated very well through his energetic and determined gestures. His full-of-life interpretation returned all of the expressive meaningfulness to the two symphonic works, making them enjoyed not like music from a wax museum, but still current, fresh and present in their artistic values.

Giuliano Tonini