26 Nov 2019

Vadim Repin

"It would be useless to list the superlative technique of this musician who has his consecration in Paganini's piece. What amazes in Repin is the lightness and power of the sound at the same time, which can remain full-bodied even in the whispered passages, in the impalpable pianissimo of the Concerto for violin and orchestra n. 1 in D major op. 19 (1917) by Sergej Prokof'ev (1891-1953) proposed at the beginning. The Stradivari 'Rode' of 1743 elegantly draws the volutes of the first movement (Andantino)...."

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18 Jun 2019


At the Vienna Konzerthaus Sofia Gabaidulina thanks Vadim Repin and conductor Andres Mustonen after the concert with Radio-Symphonieorhcester Wien for the very succesful performance of Dialogue: me and you, concert for violin and orchestra no. 3. 

At the link the video: