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Breaking news! JOHN AXELROD conducts the BR Symphonieorchester

28 June 2018 -

JOHN AXELROD conducts this week the Symphonieorchester of the Bayerischen Rundfunks:

June 28 & 29
Barber – Adagio
Stravinsky – Chant Funébre Op. 5
Shostakovich – Symphony N. 13

As Music and Artistic Director of the Real Orquesta Sinfonica de Sevilla, John Axelrod has achieved an impressive success especially with his interpretations of Mahler, Shostakovich, Brahms and Bernstein Symphonies:

Historic Shostakovich of the ROSS
Shostakovich's interpretation of Leningrad was truly historic. Axelrod's direction proved to be very expert and intense, offering an accurate play of contrasts between the orchestral mass and more chamber music, and printing a character of expressive crescendo throughout the symphony.


16 June 2018 -

This evening at the United Nations Palace in Geneva, the Quartetto di Cremona will be playing Beethoven and Chausson in a concert included in the celebrations for the 70th Anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration.
The event is realized in collaboration with the Nippon Music Foundation which has given on loan to the ensemble the wonderful set of instruments known as the "Paganini Quartet", made by Antonio Stradivari and beloned to Niccolò Paganini.

After Geneva, the Quartetto di Cremona will play in Venice, in Albania, in Seoul and in Japan.

John Axelrod between Sevilla and Belgrade

15 June 2018 -

A very intense June for John Axelrod, with three concerts in Sevilla with the Real Orquestra Sinfonica (where he is GM, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor) and a new invitation to conduct the Belgrade Philharmonic (Friday 15 June).
John Axelrod in indeed an extremely versitile conductor, always proposing intresting programs: within a few weeks he will be conducting a really wide repertoire, with a huge presence of US composers (among them Bernstein in the 100 birth annyversary), a special attetion to rarerly performed works, and a specific focus on Shostakovich, already followed by amazing reviews on the Spanish press. 


8 June 2018 -

Two years of intense work and eight CDs: here it is the Quartetto di Cremona Beethoven Box which collects the complete recordings of Ludwig van Betehoven String Quartets made by the Cremona and issued by the German label Audite.
The Beethoven Box is indeed an outstanding achivement in the ensemble career, considered the most rappresentative Italian string quartet all over the world.
The eight volumes have alreday gained the praise of the international critics as well as a few important prizes such as Echo Klassik 2017 (volume n.7) and ICMA 2018 (volume n.7 and n.8).

More information on how purchase or download the Beethoven Box at this link.

Quartetto di Cremona wins the ICMA 2018 Awards

10 April 2018 -

On Friday 6th April in Katowike took place the ICMA 2018 Awarding Ceremony with our Beethoven Volume n.7 and Volume n.8 winning this prestigious prize.

Here the Jury's motivation of the award: "These interpretations are powerful, vibrating, excitingly intense and inspiring from the very first to the very last note, providing decisive proof of Quartetto di Cremona's overwhelming technical capacity and fantastic musicianship".

Many thanks to Audite for this fascinating journey together.


Benedetto Lupo

Benedetto Lupo