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Jaume Santonja

13 May 2021 -

Great success for Jaume Santonja at his debut with the Orquesta y Coro Nacionales de España: "Jaume Santonja is one of those maestros that musicians like, precise, unambiguous, discreet, aware of everything and everyone, with very energetic movements, agile, direct, with a drawing of melodic lines and counterpoints bordering on virtuosity, a great professional without a doubt...the Orchestra performed to its best...." wrote P. Toribio on Ritmo

ANDREA LUCCHESINI 3rd Schubert CD review

28 April 2021 -

Beautiful reviews by American Record Guidxe:

"This is the final volume of these fantastic sonatas. They are also magnificentlyplayed by this Italian pianist, who has given us a threedisc series that grows instature with repeated hearings.It was a bold move on Schubert’s part to follow the long, concentrated, and deeplymoving ‘Molto Moderato E Cantabile’ opening movement of Sonata D 894 with an‘Andante’ slow movement. That it works is testament to the intensity of Schubert’screativity. Lucchesini is a master of every gesture and produces a beguilingly crystalline tone without forcing his sound. The final two movements hold one’sattention with their natural flow of dynamics.The same can be said for D 958. I was forced to listen again to the other CD of thisseries in my collection, and I decided that purchasing the remaining disc would be amust. The Steinway D sounds terrific, and it remains difficult to accept that thislife-affirming music has only emerged from the shadows during my lifetime"   BECKER


26 April 2021 -
After weeks of preparation Saturday was THE night: the world premiere of Toshio Hosokawa’s GENESIS at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg with the wonderful Staatsorchester Hamburg, conducted by Maestro Kent Nagano.
This music has never been played before, never been absorbed by an audience, never been performed by an orchestra in all its glory.
To breathe life into every note for the first time has been one of the biggest joys for me as a musician.
I’m deeply honored and full of gratitude for
Toshio Hosokawa, who has dedicated his new violin concerto GENESIS to me.
To bring his work to life is incredibly joyous and super exciting for all of us, even though there was no audience at the premiere due to Covid restrictions. However, with full hearts we played for each other - and the cameras, to still bring this to you.

Enrico Onofri

20 April 2021 -

We are glad to announce that Enrico Onofri has been appointed associate conductor of the Orchestre National d'Auvergne, forming a trio of conductors with principal conductor Thomas Zehetmair and the other associate conductor Christian Zacharias.
Onofri will enrich the orchestra with his refined experience in the field of baroque music and historically informed interpretation, but it's good to remember that in recent years he has dedicated himself with excellent results to the symphonic repertoire of the classical and romantic periods, so much so that he was appointed principal conductor of the Filarmonica Toscanini of Parma and principal guest conductor of the Haydn Philharmonie of Eisenstadt (Austria).
 His latest discographic awards:
- Diapason d'or de l'année 2020 for "Into Nature" CD
- Diapason d'or for "Seicento" CD
- Choc! Classica for "Seicento" CD


Stanislav Kochanovsky

Stanislav Kochanovsky